Friday, July 30, 2010

Why Four Quadrants Poetry name is Antony Williams. Some people call me ChemSpiderMan but that story is for another day...let's just say I am a chemist. I'm a husband and father of two. I'm a sportsman and writer. I have a crazy sense of humor and definitely offend some people once in a while. I have more than one creative bone in my body. In fact, creativity makes up the majority of my skeleton. I can't stop it. I struggle with the ability to stop trying new things. It's what makes me tick. For example, this is the fourth blog that I am writing (more about the others some other time). In my life I have made two movies, written a children's book and penned a lot of poetry. For the past few years the majority of my writing has been factual - scientific papers, magazine articles, book chapters, manuals, help files and websites. It paid the bills but I DO like writing scientific articles as it shares my work with others who care. That said, I miss the poet in me. He is buried within, out of practice but itching to create again. I have chosen to spend less time working (tough for someone used to 60-70 hour work weeks) and do less blogging for my employer and more for me. As the spirit moves me, or I mistake a grumbling belly for said spirit, I will write again. I write rhyme. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes angry and sometimes fearful. These are my four quadrants of writing...the mad, sad, glad and afraid parts of me. There is also that other "fun" human emotion that we inherit....shame. In the world of the Jungian psyche these four quadrants are represented by the archetypes of King, Lover, Magician and Warrior and in my life I live them all....maybe not perfectly balanced, but that will come out in my words.

What I write is for me...cathartic in nature. It may be funny, it may be sad. I laugh and cry easily and willingly. It may be ranting and may expose my innards in terms of what scares me most. It's going to be an interesting ride I hope and I look forward to any partners who choose to come along with me.

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