Friday, July 30, 2010

Living Hard

Who said we're here to drift through life?
To slowly make our way?
To avoid, to dodge, to ease on through,
And gently pass the day.
Not me, no way, no how, no sir,
That rarely brings me joy.
To chill, lay back, relax, to sleep,
Does not wake up this boy.
This man delights in nurturing him,
And giving him fresh breath,
Allowing him to push so hard,
And sometimes cheating death.
But is it mean, selfish, fair....
And should I love extremes?
Or is this time to lay me down
And smile, embrace new dreams?
Or better still to balance life,
Relate both work and play.
To oscillate from high to low,
Throughout my night and day.
Maybe it's time, I'll think it through,
And extremes from life be barred...
But 'til I'm old and slowing down,
I'll keep on living hard...

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